No. Position Title (Parenthetical Title, if applicable) Plantilla Item No. Salary/ Job/ Pay Grade Monthly Salary Qualification Standards Place of Assignment
Education Training Experience Eligibility Competency         (if applicable)
2 Division Chief III 103;107 24 73299 Master's Degree OR Certificate in Leadership and Management from the CSC Forty hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years Four years of supervisory/management experience CS Prof

PCA Competencies:
1.Managing Change;

2.Directing Others;

3.Decision Making;

4.Strategic Thinking;

5. Risk Management;

6.  Analytical Skills; and 7.  Problem Solving

CSC Competencies:
1.   Building collaborative, inclusive working relationships;

2.   Managing performance and coaching for results;

3.   Leading change;

4.   Thinking strategically and creatively; and

5.   Creating and nurturing a high performing organization

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