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The PHILIPPINE COCONUT AUTHORITY is the sole government agency that is tasked to develop the industry to its full potential in line with the new vision of a united, globally competitive and efficient coconut industry.


"It is hereby directed to be the policy of the State to promote the rapid integrated development and growth of the coconut and other palm oil industry in all its aspects and to ensure that the coconut farmers become direct participants in, and beneficiaries of, such development and growth."

It establishes the legal basis for PCA's sole stewardship and responsibility over the coconut and other palm oil industries for the benefit of the coconut and oil palm farmers.

(Article 1, Section 2, P.D. 1468 or the Revised Coconut Industry Code)


A developed and globally competitive coconut and other palm oil industry that contributes to food security, improved income, and enhanced participation of all stakeholders by 2020.


The Philippine Coconut Authority shall ensure the development and implementation of high value programs for the coconut and other palm oil industry carried out in transparent, responsible, and accountable manner and with utmost degree of professionalism and effectiveness.

Organizational Core Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency and Excellence.


  •  Formulate and promote a strategic and comprehensive development program for the coconut and other palm oil industry in all its aspects; 

  •  Implement and sustain a nationwide coconut planting and replanting, fertilization and rehabilitation, and other farm productivity programs;

  • Conduct research and extension works on farm productivity and process development for product quality and diversification;

  • Establish quality standards for coconut and palm products and by- products; and, develop and expand the domestic and foreign markets;

  • Enhance the capacities and ensure the socio-economic welfare of coconut and palm farmers and farm workers.