Manila--- If it is only possible to issue a shoot-to-kill order to protect the coconut trees he will definitely do it, said Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Billy Andal. 

“I will do everything it takes just to protect and preserve the coconut trees in the entire country,” stressed Andal. He also warned criminal elements using his name to carry on illegal coco logging activities, particularly in Quezon province. 

"I have not authorized anyone, close associate or not, to work or engage with businessmen who wreak havoc on the coconut industry,” explained Andal. 

The warning also applies to PCA officials and its field personnel who are in cahoots with the coco logging syndicate in Region 4A but based in Quezon province. He also added that “every minute counts in the campaign against coco loggers and they can expect heads to roll before Christmas Eve.



December 20, 2016