MANILA--- Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Billy Andal has requested the coconut farmers to support his fight against the handling of the Coco Levy Trust Fund.

During the forum with the coconut farmers in Tacloban, Cebu and Davao, Andal said that the PCA has the mandate to manage the coco funds as part of its job to oversee the coconut industry. 

“I don’t like the idea that the PCA is only a member of the trust fund committee while the Department of Finance and Department of Agriculture are the Chairman and Co-Chairman,” said Billy Andal. 

“The PCA has the mandate to handle the funds, so we have the right to be the head of the trust fund committee,” he added.

 Under Senate Bill No. 1233 Sec. 12, there will be a creation of Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Committee which shall be attached to the Office of the President. The Committee shall be composed of the Secretary of Finance as Chairman, the Secretary of Agriculture as Co-Chairman while the PCA is only a member. 

But Andal assured the coco farmers that he will be their ally all throughout their battle. He promised that change will truly come in their lives and to the whole coconut industry. 

“I promise you that my leadership will be different from to the previous administration who handled PCA,” said Andal. 

“Gone are the days of the corrupt officials, the coco loggers and those people who took advantage of the weaknesses of our coconut farmers,” he added.

 The administrator's promise to the farmers is to help them become rural businessmen. He believes that there’s more to coconut planting and harvesting. He believes that they have the potential to run their own businesses.

 “We, at the PCA, are willing to help you grow as a person and as a community. If we all just work together, we will achieve our goals together,” he added. Andal also assured the farmers that their requested life insurance, educational plan and burial assistance are all included in his agenda.

 “Always remember that I am your ally. This is a new administration, new government and new leadership,” stressed Andal.


December 20, 2016