In support to the proactive campaign for use of renewable energy and energy-saving strategies, the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) and Philippine National Oil Company -Renewables Corporation (PNOC RC) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) yesterday, March 22, 2016, for the installation of 80-kilowatt (kW) solar power project at the rooftop of PCA Building in Diliman, Quezon City.

 The MOA was signed by PCA OIC- Administrator Glenn B. Santos and PNOC RC President and CEO Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Hernani S. Yap, PCA OIC-Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance Branch and Engr. Pedro L. Lite Jr., PNOC Vice President for Operations. The ceremony was likewise attended by the PCA Executives, Engr. Edsel B. Pabellano, Ms. Lea Anna D. Cuarto, Atty. Marlon M. Terrado and Atty. Andrew Ian P. Edrada and PNOC RC Board of Directors Atty. Josephine Cassandra J. Cui and Atty. Alvin John F. Balagbag respectively.

PCA inks MOA with PNOC RC for solar project to be installed at the rooftop of PCA building in Quezon City. The agreement was signed by PCA Administrator Glenn B Santos (right) and PNOC RC President and CEO Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan (left). It was witnessed by Mr. Hernani S. Yap, OIC-Deputy Administrator for Admin & Finance Branch (extreme right) and Engr. Pedro L. Lite, Jr., PNOC RC Vice President for Operations (extreme left). (Coconut Media Service)

 “We are in full cooperation in this project as this will not only help the institution to reduce its electricity expenses, but will also be beneficial to the environment.  Generating electricity from renewable energy is one of the major ways to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission,” Administrator Santos said.

He also added that for this 80-kW project alone, about 105 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent can be avoided.


TEAM UP. The PCA and PNOC RC officials during the MOA signing on the installation of solar photovoltaic system at the rooftop of PCA Building held yesterday. From left to right are Ms. Lea Anna D. Cuarto, PCA Head Executive Assistant; Atty. Marlon M. Terrado, Head - PCA Legal Affairs Service; PNOC RC VP for Operations Engr. Pedro L. Lite, Jr.; Atty. Andrew Ian P. Edrada, PCA Corporate Secretary; Atty. Josephine Cassandra J. Cui, PNOC RC Chief Legal Officer; Atty. Alvin John F. Balagbag, PNOC RC Corporate Secretary; PNOC RC President and CEO Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan; PCA OIC-Administrator Glenn B. Santos; Mr. Hernani S. Yap, PCA OIC-Deputy Administrator for Admin. & Finance Branch; Engr. Edsel B. Pabellano, PCA Admin. & General Services Dept. OIC-Manager and Mr. Raymond Lorenzo P. Arguelles, PNOC RC CDM Specialist. (Coconut Media Service)

 Under the MOA, the cooperation period between PCA and PNOC RC shall be a maximum of 15 years. At the end of the cooperation period, the ownership of the solar panel system shall be transferred to PCA.

PNOC RC President and CEO Carlos Jose P. Gatmaitan said that this undertaking is a continuing project to promote the use of renewable energy resources in government agencies and to encourage the private sector to adopt the use of this technology to help attain the country’s goal towards energy independence and security.


Last year, PNOC RC has also signed a MOA on the same project with the Philippine Heart Center in East Avenue, Quezon City and the Department of Science and Technology in Bicutan, Taguig City.

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