This year's recipient of GawadSaka Award, for the most Outstanding Coconut Farmer of 2015 is Mr. Edgar G. Buhian, 52-year-old from Poblacion, Initao, Misamis Oriental, Region X. Mr. Buhian is a Geodetic Engineer by profession. He gained considerable knowledge and skills in coconut farming with his almost 8 years of involvement in the coconut industry as farmer, leader and entrepreneur.

His outstanding achievements include the following:

  1. Maximized the utilization of 1.7-hectare coconut land by implementing an integrated crop-livestock-aqua culture production earning an average net income of PhP 221,273.20 annually. The farm is planted to a total of 209 Tacunan Dwarf and Laguna Tall varieties coconut trees which yield an average of 120 nuts/tree/year much higher than the national average of 45 nuts/tree/year.

  2. He adopted group of 2's coconut planting system to increase coconut productivity and established coconut seedlings nursery in support to PCA Region X Natural Hybrid Production Project.

  3. He is an advocate of organic farming technology by using farm wastes such as animal manures, dried leaves and salt fertilizer to fertilize the coconut and intercrops. Coconut husks are used as mulching material to preserve soil moisture. He prepares and uses his own concoction - Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) and Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) for pest control and uses predator for the control of brontispa and sand for the rhinoceros beetle.

  4. Engaged in copra trading and charcoal making earning a net income of PhP501,888.33 per annum. These particular enterprises have created significant impact to the community thru job generation employing 48 laborers and 12 households as scoopers. He has also promoted other coconut enterprises such as toddy production, coconut vinegar, coconut sugar, cocojam, bukayo and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

  5. Established backyard organic vegetable garden using coconut coir as soil medium and plastic bottles, containers, used clothes as potting medium. This is intended for family consumption and food for their laborers.

  6. Engaged in livestock/poultry business that has fully complemented his coconut farming business. He practiced Korean Technology on swine production by using rice hull to minimize foul odor and stress to pigs by providing cooler place and feed them with own biomix formulation and vegetables grown in the farm. For his ducks, he feed them with azolla.

At present, his farm serves as a model farm of Agricultural Training Institute (ATI). It was a recipient of a PhP148,943.00 grant from ATI for the establishment of lecture hall and guest house for the Farm Business School. It was frequently visited by farmers within the locality and outside of the province. It serves also as a training venue for 4H Club members.

The awardee is an active farmer-leader. He has willingly shared agricultural innovations and technologies to co-farmers, students and gives lecture to farmers' training/workshops and students of the Farm Business School.