Integrated Crop Protection

Technologies Generated



  • Institutionalized IPM in Coconut-Based Farming System

  • Integrated Pest Management against:

- Rhinoceros Beetle (Use of Metarrhizium anisopliae, Oryctes baculovirous)
- Coconut Leaf Beetle
- Coconut Scale Insect
- Mealybug
- Slug Caterpillar
- Asiatic palm weevil

  • Disease Management

- Phytophthora Bud and Nut Rots
- Cadang-cadang
- Socorro wilt
- Stem Bleeding
- Leaf spots

  • Others (Rodents,  Hagonoy)



Ongoing Projects


  1. Cadang cadang Disease Containment and Accreditation Program 
    Implementing Unit: ARC, Regions IV-A, V and VIII
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  2. Mass production of green muscardine fungus for the control of rhinoceros beetle 
    Implementing Unit: ARC, DRC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  3. Coconut Scale Insect Control and Management
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  4. Coconut leaf beetle (Brontispa longgisima Gestro) Control and management
    Implementing Unit: DRC, ARC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  5. Development of mass production systems for   Biocontrol  Agents of major coconut pest/disease(s)
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Status: Absorbs CSI control and management projects starting July 1, 2015

  6. GIS-aided mapping of major pests and diseases and emerging pests and diseases
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Status: Implemented July 1, 2015

  7. Development of community-based integrated pest management in coconut-based farming system
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Fund Source:
    Status: Approved for  2015 implementation but no funds release yet